Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting Out of the House

From left to right: Gunn's coffee with half & half and splenda, my sister's coffee only half filled with regular milk & splenda, Maxx's milk, Maxx's water, and now Ellie's bottle of hot water at just the right temperature so it hits room temp by the time she needs to eat.
Not included in photo: MY coffee, VERY important.

The number of drink containers I prep every Sunday am has now grown to 5. This is probably the easiest part of my Sunday morning. It wasn't too bad with just Maxx but now it really requires planning. Today was my first time back at church since I had Ellie. (I was only going to wait a month like I had with Maxx but we all got hit with colds right around Christmas so it took a bit longer.) Last night I worked out the Sunday AM sched with Gunn but even with all that prep, we were still rushing and 10 minutes late for service. Erg.

My mom lives with us in our 3 bedroom and my sis lives in the ground floor apartment. This is what my Sundays mornings will now look like in 2010:

7:00a - Wake up, wash up & get ready while Gunn feeds Ellie then washes up while watching her
7:30a - Make coffee, feed Maxx
8:00a - Find something to eat with my coffee, pack all the drinks mentioned above as well as snacks for Maxx
8:30a - Find/make something for Gunn to eat
8:45a - Gunn brings Ellie & her carseat down and has his coffee and a bite to eat
8:50a - Gunn drives my mom to her church & then comes back to pick up the rest of us
9:05a - Gunn packs all the bags and baby stroller into the car, then comes back up for Ellie
           I put on Maxx's jacket, hat, mittens & shoes and bring him to the car
9:15a - Leave for church (9:30a service)
* Can you tell I was a project manager pre-babies?

All this doesn't include packing the diaper bag the night before. Sorta sucks having a winter baby 'cause not only does everyone get sick all the time but you have to carry around extra blankets, warm clothes for babies, etc. Makes everything take so much longer.

This schedule only has 10 minutes padded in, in case anything goes wrong like having to change either kiddie's clothes a 2nd time. It doesn't even include getting Maxx dressed & giving him some milk in the morning which my mom does for me since they share a room. I don't know how moms with 2 or more kids do it without any help. My heros I tell you.

Today, I got up late so I didn't get to drink any coffee and only got to eat half a banana I shared with Maxx. And Gunn only got a hobbang with his cup of coffee. This is unfortunately becoming a pattern. Sorry Gunn. I used to never eat breakfast but ever since I got preggers the first time, I make it a point to eat something in the morning. I'm not one to eat right but I realize it makes SUCH a difference.

I was so focused on getting to church on time this morning that I forgot why I go to church. But as I stood there in the theater during praise, it all felt so good. I missed worship time. With life being so much more hectic now, there is less God in my life but now is the time that I need more. Hopefully, in near future posts, I'll have figured out how to do that.

So the only thing I forgot to do this morning was pack my camera. I wanted to take pics of our church kiddies. I swear they are the cutest things in the world.

Here's Maxx & his bud Kayla before their younger sibs were born.
I'll have to take a bunch of pics sometime to show you how freakin' cute all the kiddies are. For now, I leave you with another Maxx video. It's for my chef sister who taught Maxx how to say "oil". I swear, Maxx is getting cuter, smarter and more entertaining every day. I'm probably so biased right now 'cause he doesn't want anyone lately, except me. He's extra loving towards me lately and I'm a down right sucker for it!


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