Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 2 Months Ellie!

I just put Ellie down after rocking her for an hour. She's sick again, only after being better for only a week. Babies this little shouldn't be allowed to get sick so often, if at all. It's so sad. The look on her face while I was trying to get her to sleep said "Why can't I breathe?". Now and then, she'd accidentally catch an easier breath through her mouth not having realized that there's another way to breathe besides the boogie filled nostrils. So sad.

Gunn and I took turns holding her all weekend. She slept maybe an hour total in the pack n' play all 3 days combined. At least we didn't have to hold her at night. She just gets up a couple more times than her usual 1-2 times a night. Hope this cold is shorter than the last. We're on day 4. Tonight, I prayed again that no one else in the family gets sick. That's THE WORST thing.

I used to love the winter 'cause of pretty snow, snowboarding, fireplaces, hot coca, sitting on your couch under a blanket watching a good movie. I'm sure I'll like it again in a few years but right now, it sucks. On top of everyone being sick every other week...Maxx is stuck at home and gets so bored with the same ol' toys. My body never felt kinds of chills from the inside as it does now. Age? Having had 2 kids? Whatever it is, it sucks. The floor in my house is always cold. Heating a house vs. an apartment makes me all cost conscious so even though a tshirt and sweatshirt is enough for me, Ellie is always in 3 layers and so is Maxx. This is partially due to my neurotic mother which drives me nuts. Poor Maxx is always wearing a longsleeve onesie, a nehbok top & bottom (longjohns), then a sweatshirt & sweatpants, and on top of it all slippers instead of regular socks. That's a lot of stinkin' clothes to carry on a little body that runs around all day long. It's also a lot of stinkin' layers to change for every diaper change, bath, nap and going out/coming home. I dream of springtime which i never did before because of my allergies. I recently bought Maxx swimming trunks and a toy for our deck. I'm also thinking of what stuff to buy to make our deck cozier - an outdoor rug? plants? A bench for sure.

Aaaaaanyways, even though Ellie's sick, she's growing and healthy overall. According to her recent doctors appointment, she's now 10 lbs & 5 oz, which is the 40th%ile. Her height & head circumference are both about 60th%ile. (Anyone know exactly why head circumference is so important? I should ask next month.)

Happy 2 Month Ellie. I'm so curious as to what kind of 6 month old, 1 yr old, 18 month old, 2 yr old....you're going to be. I pray to God everyday that I do what he wants me to do as a mom. Hope I'm doing what I'm supposed to be and not missing anything since my head's barely screwed on these days. :D

Maxx trying to hug Ellie

:: Take 1 :: "How the heck do I hug her?"
:: Take 2 :: Too close, squishing his nose.
:: Take 3 :: Finally got it but closed his eyes for some reason.


  1. hey joo...omg thats SOOOO much clothing on them! my mom used to always try to put so much layers too, but id get so mad cuz i feel its overheating...so now they just wear a onesie and blanket. its totally fine! good luck, girl...hope ellie feels better


  2. Yea, way too many pieces of clothing...are they sweating under there? Haha. No wonder you have so much laundry to do!


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