Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Chef Maxx

On Wednesday, Maxx made our family english muffin pizzas topped with hot dogs & onions. My mom made these for us growing up so in true Lee family tradition, we had to use Boars Head, gourmet processed meat. ha~

Maxx & Emo

At first, I wasn’t sure if he was having fun because he was so focused. Or maybe it was because I was being so bossy when he was just trying to have some fun. Go figure.

making_pizza from joohyon doo on Vimeo.

Since we were waiting for the pizza to bake, I let him play with water in the kitchen sink. He most definitely enjoyed that.

Maxx & Umma after the water fun

There aren’t too many activities to do with kiddies under 2. He still would rather eat crayons than color with them and you can only play with the same toys for so long. You just run out of stuff to do when it’s cold out. (I can’t WAIT for nicer weather, you have no idea.) But making pizza was really easy with no extra clean up. I had to wipe down the counter and give him a bath anyways. Oh and bonus is that you have dinner all ready once you’re done. Only thing is, you may want to use healthier toppings. :)

In addition to the ever so famous RookieMoms site, here are a few other activities to do with your young toddlers from Ohdeedoh.


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