Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Worse Than Poo??

THROW UP. That's what.

This picture was taken about a week ago. Maxx looks SO cute when I go to get him after a nap. I was trying to capture the moment but his super cuteness went to crap when I pulled out my camera. He was NOT happy and made sure to tell me "No, no, no! Nite nite. Umma, no, no, no!" while pointing to the camera. Oops! I promised to never do it again. Boo on you Maxx! No fun for mommy, Mr. Crankypants. hahaha~

Anyways, this was the very same outfit and bedsheet I had to change yesterday afternoon when Maxx decided to scream and throw a fit, not wanting to nap. He threw his "nite nite" (aka his ghetto burp cloth lovey), blanket, tiger & elephant out of the crib and began calling for me. He got so upset that he threw up all of his morning strawberry yogurt & apples. *splatter!* Dairy is the WORST thing to throw up and clean up.

Then again today, SAME THING. Ugh. I'm not completely sure what it is. His napping was so good for the last 2 months since he got used to his 1 nap schedule. It was pretty out of the blue and nothing's been so different lately either. Who knows what the cause is but I'm REALLY REALLY hoping I don't have to take off all his clothes, clean his face & hands, clean the crib, floor and furniture, put another outfit on him, put on new bedding, pretreat all the stained clothes and bedding, run a load of laundry, then change my clothes AGAIN for the 3rd day in a row tomorrow. At least today, Ellie poo'd all up the back of her onsie right after Maxx's incident so I was able to wash her clothes in the same load. I can't stand stains and so anytime I can wash major ones right away, awesome.

It takes SO little for kids to throw up. I've changed a decent number of throw up sheets & mattress covers and blankets, but usually when he's been sick. Whatever muscle in his throat/esophagus that holds down his food must be weak and hard for little ones to control because whenever he's got a cold, he throws up multiple times a day. He'll eat, then being the super duper active kid he is, runs around, laughs his head off, dances and just goes bonkers. All this brings on the coughing attacks and then BAM! It's the projectile kind that happens in one spot, then he moves away cause he can't stand "jee-jee" (dirty things), and then again in another spot, and usually a 3rd time before there's nothing left in his tummy.

The first couple of times it happened, he got scared and ran to me freaking out so I held him & comforted him, vomit and all. He'd continue coughing and when he needed to throw up again, I could usually control where it landed to minimize the clean up.

The one time it was bad was at his 15 month doctor's appointment. That appointment was the worst EVER. He HATES the claustrophic offices and scary nurses at Tenafly Peds in Fort Lee. He screamed and cried so much he threw up all over me twice. It was all down the front and back of my shirt, and of course inside too. Yum. Fun times but I didn't care as long as I could comfort him.

He got used to throwing up pretty quickly and now he usually throws up, says "jee jee!", then steps away to continue to play and laugh again as if nothng happened. That cracks me up. Kids are resilient and so free spirited at the most random times. Taking a picture of today's incident crossed my mind but I figured that'd be too much visual for you all. ha~!

Here's a pic of sickie Maxx watching his afternoon Sesame Street a couple of weeks ago. What an ahjuhshee. Usually he'll completely ignore you when he's so focused or if you're blocking his view, he'll just move over. I guess not this time. Can you see the look of irritation on his face?  hahaha~ Sorry Maxxie. I'll post cuter pics of you next time! :D


  1. OMG, love these darn cute! Sorry about all the vomit, how do you deal with it so well? Alex threw up twice in her life, once from getting crackers stuck in her throat (which I cleaned up), and once from bad fish (which my MIL cleaned up). I can deal with poo, but vomit really freaks me out! Haha!

  2. jen- only 2 times!??!!? AWESOME. hopefully ellie wont be a vomit'r :P


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