Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Starved

After I had Ellie, I found myself feeling less productive than ever and not feeling like I was doing anything well. There just wasn't enough time in the day. I know, I know. I have 2 kids to take care of so I should expect this, right? Yes and no. I expect things to be harder but that doesn't mean I want to accept a mediocre life of doing the minimum. I remember our Pastor saying that we all have the same number of hours in a day as Mother Theresa and Gandhi did. Who knows if they had kids but either way, they got a heck lot more accomplished in their lives than I can ever imagine.

I seek out being a good wife & mom but I know God wants me to do other things too. I want to still do things that Joohyon Lee would do, such as make time for family & friends, have people over now and then, and of course figure out whatever else it is that God's got planned for me once the kiddies are off to school one day.

In order to do more, I need to start being more efficient and productive with my time. I was a project manager in my pre-mommy life and I’ve planned numerous events in my personal life but I’ve never actually applied my love for organizing to how I spend MY time.  I’m a lazy butt & major procrastinator when it comes to my own life. Go figure.

When you're single or married without kids, you feel like you have the world ahead of you and all the time to do anything you want, whenever you want. If anything, you often get bored and waste time doing things that don't bring much satisfaction just to fill the time. What you don't know is that when you have kids, it takes 100 times more effort to do things you could've done so easily before. I know everyone says life gets harder as you get older, but who really can understand that or has any idea why or how exactly?

So no more wasting time. I want to be efficient and effective with how I spend my time so whether it's playing with the kiddies or relaxing, I want to do everything I do as best as I can so I can do as much as I can.

I'm literally hungry for time lately. I’m one that already sacrifices sleep in order to find the time to do the things I want but now I can only do that so much because I don’t have any down time to let my  brain go blank now and then. I showered somewhat regularly before Ellie. :) Now, if I don't consciously plan for it, days will pass before I realize I haven't showered. ha! When I just had Maxx, I had to often do 2 things at once. Now, I find myself doing 3 at once and rushing like never before. I don’t like the rushing part cause it feels like I’m doing things half-a**ed. I have no idea why I thought having one kid was hard. It now seems like the easiest thing in the world. Hate how the past always seems easier than the present.

So…planning out my time is more important to me than ever. :)

I was looking for a pretty but functional 2010 calendar for my kitchen when I came across this article on Real Simple called "How I transformed My Mornings". I find myself falling in the “I Prepare in Advance and Try to Anticipate Snafus” category. Just plan as much as possible in advance and what happens is what happens, right? I know I sound a little neurotic but it’s the way I’m built and how I can successfully get things done. What I think is a little neurotic are the “My Husband and I Run Our Routine With Military Precision” or the “Timers Keep All of Us on Schedule” women. They’re being literal. Scary.

Also, I can't help but want a smart phone. Having one around when I’m out and need to schedule kiddie doc appointments or play dates. Or when I’m waiting in the car for M to wake up…I could check email or BLOG! :) Why didn’t Apple bring the iPhone to Verizon already? The Nexus One is out now but only TMobile carries it, right? And then today, Apple came out with the iPad but its huge and I have enough stuff to carry. My brother has the Droid. The hubs said that Verizon is doing really well with it so people must like it. Maybe I can get him to get me that - gotta see when my next upgrade is. But if I get the Droid and then a few months later, iPhone comes to Verizon…I’ll be SO annoyed. Okay, back to waiting…

Okay, enough rambling for tonight.

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