Monday, January 25, 2010

Sewing Sewing Sewing

I want to get a sewing machine already.
(Yes, I know. I have no time and no money. Boo.)

I want to hem dress pants, shirts & skirts (skirts for Ellie one day cause I obviously don't wear them). I also want to hem expensive jeans to make them look like they weren't hemmed. It's SO expensive to get it done! Maybe I could be like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music and make dresses and play clothes for Ellie? Maybe some random things too like hats, dish towels, tissue box covers, and pouches for pens and change? You could make a ton of baby things too like changing pads, diaper/wipe pouches, bibs, burp cloths, blankets...dang! The list goes on. SO fun.

On Sunday, I was asking some mom friends at church where I can get cute hair accessories for Ellie. The ones I've seen online that I like are stinkin' expensive. My mom friends said that you lose them really easily, too. So even though Ellie has troll hair that's too short for anything yet, I'm going to try and make some myself so I don't have to spend much and I don't need to know how to use a sewing machine to make 'em!

Here are some tutorials I found online:

1. Felt Flower Pin by Hoot and a Holler

I didn't think the rose pins were too cute but they look really cute in the girl's hair.

You can make these without the button too. You just need cute ribbon.


And when I finally do learn to use a sewing machine...

Arent headbands so sweet on little girls?

6. Little Boy's Tie - Something for Maxx too!

I want to try to design ones for M & E on my own. :P

On a completely different note, I found a desktop wallpaper site I liked called PixiePresents. I downloaded this one. It makes me think of Maxx & Ellie a few years down the line. They're holding hands & looking up to God in the heavens. How precious.


  1. Joo - How odd - I was just checking my old AIM list, and your blog was attached. Congratulations on being a Mom, twice over. I blog myself now and I highly recommend it. Great reading you... hope to read more.

    Wesley (you'll remember)

  2. Sewing is handy (I was a textile major in college, remember? haha), but I haven't sewn since college! But the possibilities are endless...hopefully you can get a machine someday and learn, it's pretty easy.

  3. i loved the wall paper, but what if you have another child :P
    i know a place in the city that sells these type of crochet/accessories thing, we only have to buy a basic hair pain and glue the decoration on top of it. let's all go together one day. they have lots of selections, one cuter than the other!

  4. I just realized on your post that you wanted to make the pin yourself! you're so patient! I would rather go and just buy something that it's ready that requires minimum work!

  5. Jen- Oh yeah! Since college? Can you transfer your abilities to me please? hahaha... One day i'll get a machine. Maybe in a year or so when kiddies can play together? hahaha...

  6. Neli- I'd still love to go and check it out!

  7. Wes- Of COURSE I remember you! Where's your blog at?!!?


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