Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6th Love Language...Food

My mom is out of town. (She lives with us.) At the same time, my mother in law is IN town. Double whammy. Don't get me wrong, I think I have one of the best MIL's but there will be extra things to do and think about for the next month or so..on top of lugging around 2 kids everywhere I go.

It's only been a week but the weekend of all things, was rough.
My Sunday looked like this:
9:30a - church (JCF)
12:00p - tlc (our church's "small group")
4:30p - niece's 100 day birthday party
8:00p - church meeting at my place

Then Monday morning, I had Ellie's 9 month appointment. (Yeah I know, I'm late a month.) Then in the afternoon, I took the kids to my SIL's where my MIL is staying. I want her to see the kids as often as possible while she's here.

Even with a nap, thanks to the kids napping at the same time, I was half dead by the time the hubs got home. I have a decent tolerance for physical tiredness but I literally was so tired that I was slumped over on my desk and didn't have time to make dinner for G. I felt so bad.

When he got home, he made himself dinner. I was too tired to eat. (Yes, it's true. I turn down food.) I just wanted him to tell me I was a good wife & mom and appreciate me and be on his best behavior to be super nice to me for the rest of the night. I managed to drag myself upstairs to take a shower and throw my PJs on. I came back downstairs and about 5 minutes after G finished eating, I got hungry. Go figure.

THEN....he had the BESTest BESTest idea anyone could've had at that moment. He went upstairs and grabbed the kiddie monitor and brought it down to my sister's place on our ground floor. It was only going to take 15 minutes but JUST in case. I was in my PJ's so he told me to throw on a jacket cause we were going to get ourselves some Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Wendys! OMG, the joy that filled my heart. You laugh. I'm serious.

It somehow turned into a mini little adventure because I was wearing Korean pajamas.

Here's an example of what Korean pajamas might look like. (And no, that is not me.)

They look kind of like little girl pajamas. Mine's not too off from the one above. (I'm REALLY hoping that only women read my blog.) And if you know me, it's REALLY not like me to wear something like this but my aunt in Korea got me and my hubs a matching pair and practically speaking, they're the lightest and coolest pajamas with sleeves. I rarely shopped for clothes. Now, never...esp. extras like pajamas.

So anyways, imagine that with a Northface fleece on top...stylin', I know. The hubs opened the garage door before I could get into the car so I freaked out a little. But yay for drive thrus! We got our nuggets as well as a small chili & bacon cheeseburger. I couldn't help myself.

It was like the rough couple days never happened. What is it about bad food really late at night?
Good hubs. Fun impromptu late night trip. Good food. I love food.

Yes, the nuggets are pretty good! Good job Dave, defs a keeper. You should check 'em out the next time you're stuck in your car with sleeping kids.

PS. For those of you who don't know your "love language/s", you can take a quiz here.
PPS. G never wore his pajamas. Imagine?!!??


  1. Super entertaining!!! Will def have to try those nuggets! And pretty please post pic of u in the pjs!!!

  2. your hubs is definitely a keeper! ;) spicy chicken nuggets yum!

  3. Grace. Maybe i'll show em to you next time you're int he hood but i'll NEVER even take a pic of me wearing em! u CRAZY!


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