Friday, September 10, 2010

Maxx the Comedian

This an old post I never finished but I want to post so one day Maxx can read all my memories of him.
From Sept 2010, when he was 2.5 yrs old.

...then"number 1 emo" (aunt), aka my sister, walked in on a conversation I was having with Maxx where he was finding new names for people. The conversation proceeded as follows...

#1 emo: What about uncle bbo-bbo? (kiss)
M: Noooo (shaking his head)

#1 emo: Then what about uncle jee-jee? (korean kids term for dirty)
M (nodding & laughing): Uncle jee-jee

#1 emo: What about uncle
M: Noooo (shaking his head)

#1 emo: What about uncle bboong? (kids term for fart )
M (laughing crazily): Uncle BBOONG! Uncle BBOONG!

My son's comedic platform is inappropriate conversation.
And if you know my hubby even just a little bit...genetics is a crazy thing.
God is hilarious.

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