Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 4

So all in all, it's been tiring but doable. I'm shocked that I'm actually able to handle 2 kiddies on my own. The past few weeks, I've been busy with some showers and mini party planning. And I have yet to start planning Maxx's 2nd birthday party, too. Gotta get on that in a week or so. I also forgot how much I missed randomly hosting friends. I think I might be over doing it while my mom's gone but oh well. :)

Even though I've come down with a cold, I'm managing this weekend due to my super helpful hubby. (Thank you.) The AMAZING weather is a HUGE plus too. We took M to a park with some friends last weekend and he LOVED it. I honestly don't think I've seen him happier. I also set up a water table on our deck for M and he LOOOOVES it so much that he talks about it all day long ever since I put it out there. He also cries for it when he's tired and cranky too though. Oh wells.

Anyways, one thing I haven't had time for is blogging! Go figure. I have been taking some pics & videos of the kiddos so I'll post them once I get them onto my computer. Be back soon.

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