Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On My Own with Sick Kiddies

So I'm on my own with the kiddies for a month since my mom's on vacay in cali. It's day 3 and it's going surprisingly okay. I'm super duper tired but it's not as bad as I expected. My "always expect the worst" attitude makes me super anxious and stresses me out but it usually works. This time, I didn't think it would but it did again. ha!

So Monday was a super abnormal day. Maxx fussed little to none all day, had almost no "jealous of baby" moments, and ate well too. Ellie fussed a little but slept on her own (with a paci) for a few naps, a few others I had to rock her to sleep, and one time, she cried for like 5 minutes and fell asleep cause I had my hands full with Maxx. Ellie NEVER slept as well and as easily as she did that day. God is VERY kind. (Thank you!) Besides a bit extra TV for Maxx and some watery poo, the day went pretty smoothly. I even got to make dinner, even though it was kinda ghetto. So net net, Monday went pretty okay since the kids were strangely on their best behavior so I told myself, "Don't be fooled. This is an unusual day.". I had to keep myself pumped and confident that I could handle doing everything on my own. God wouldn't leave me to suffer too much, right? hahahaa~

On Tuesdays I now have help so I thought it'd be an "easy" day but at 8am, Maxx threw up his morning milk across a fourth of my kitchen and a little down the hallway. I have a BIG kitchen btw. It happened while I was holding him and had the fridge door open so it got inside and somehow under it too, just a couple inches from the wall. The stench of digested dairy throwup is DISGUSTING. blech. After a couple hours I knew he needed to eat something so I gave him some toast with a tad of butter and salt. He threw that up about an hour later. By 11, he started getting pissed that he was sick and was moaning and yelling "No more!" every time his stomach hurt. He was having waves of pain all throughout the day. Maxx has major A.D.D. and is always on the move but yesterday, he would grab his burp cloth and lay here & there for 5 minutes at a time cause he had no energy. He was so sad looking, literally. His lower lip was sticking out and he was all pouty faced all day. I felt SO BAD for him so I held him as much as I could. He ended up watching UP twice (off & on) and a few Yo Gabba Gabbas. It was the only thing I could do to try to distract him from the pain. I napped him early then tried a slice of apple and pedialyte. The apple stayed but not the artificial grape stuff. I called the doc to see if I should try to feed him or not and they said to just give him an ounce of pedialyte (2 tbsp btw) every 30 minutes. He threw up a little of it but was able to keep most of it down. Before the night was over, I got a couple of spoonfuls of jook in him too, which also stayed.

Aside from Maxx, Ellie was back to her usual self and fussed and cried a good amount cause I couldn't attend to her when she needed. I somehow fit in a bath for stinky pukey Maxx, 2 loads of laundry from all the pukey clothes, and homemade pasta sauce. No puke there. I haven't cooked in so long I forgot how fast I can do it, if i set my mind to it. Even with help, I barely ate 2 meals and I was 10 times more tired than I was on Monday.

Today, Maxx and Ellie both woke up earlier than normal. Maxx first cause he was so thirsty and was asking for water. I gave him some, then more pedialyte. That stayed, so then some jook and then later a third of a banana. He was whinier than ever today and kept asking for TV, saying he was "ah-ya" but I knew it wasn't as bad as yesterday. He just had no energy so it was makin' him cranky. Every time he heard Ellie start to fuss, he'd come to me asking me to pick him up knowing I was about to get her.

Around 11:30 this morning, Maxx was sitting in the corner of the sofa and holding his burp cloth and a banana and told me to "ga". So after I said "Ga, please." I went to the kitchen and started flipping thru some of the catalogs we got yesterday. About 10 min later I was wondering what the heck he was doing and so I tippy toed to the sofa to find him sleeping. SO CUTE and sorta sad cause it means he's that tired. This is the 1st time in his LIFE that he fell asleep anywhere on his own (besides his crib). I took a pic on my phone but I forgot to save it since I was eager to bring him to his crib. So no pic to share today. Boo.

Anyways, both kids are sleeping so I had lunch and even though I should be napping, I'm blogging.

So far so good. I didn't think I could handle it but I'm actually doing it. I think I just need some more social interaction so I don't go batty from talking to a 21 month old and a 3 month old all day long. Oh and I need to figure out how to reduce Maxx's tv hours, too. :D

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