Friday, March 11, 2011


Ellie failed the hearing test for her left ear 2 times at our pediatrician's office. We were then sent to Hackensack Hospital's Children's Audiology department for further testing which revealed that she has "profound" hearing loss in her left ear. On that same day, I was sent to a nearby ENT for further tests. Results were the same and the ENT informed us that it was most likely that Ellie's hearing could not be fixed. She had passed her newborn hearing screening so likely, something happened between then and her 3rd birthday.

So this last week was a bit discouraging...
The result from the follow up exam on Tues was the same. I was also informed that her hearing is so poor that she can not get a regular hearing aid. Instead she needs a category of hearing aids that requires a band be worn around her head at all times. The sad level went up a notch.

Then today, while googling about these kinds of hearing aids, I discovered that "profound hearing loss" is actually the worst possible category one can fall in. None of the doctors flat out explained that. So then it hit daughter is deaf in one ear. Saying the phrase hearing loss and saying "deaf" feels very different. Another notch.

I don't think I ever could say I ever felt devastated. But I think that's how I feel right about now.
With that all said, I am still extremely thankful for every prayer and every person who
asks how things are going.

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