Friday, June 8, 2012

My 1st Graduation

I rarely post a status on facebook but I did today:
I happy cried 3 or 4 times today because of Maxx. He just turned 4 and "graduated" from preschool today. So proud of him and ♥ him so much. So not used to this! :P

I took preschool graduation VERY lightly. I was late going to school and didn't even bring a camera. I got there and most dads were there and most parents were dressed up a bit. I didn't realize I was the odd (wo)man out until the teacher began to give out diplomas said the sweetest, most thoughtful things about each child. She knew each well and how much they grew up in the class. I was tearing. Then my friend, the class mom, presented the class present to the teacher and was reading our message to her aloud and again, I started tearing. I was thinking about how much she loved Maxx and how much she believed in him and really helped him in the areas he needed help in.

Later at home, he did something that landed him a time out and during our conversation about what happened, I started tell him how proud of was of him again and I started tearing.

Then bedtime came...

me: Look at how B (classmate) is looking at you in that picture. I think she really likes you!
M beaming from ear to ear and eyes barely visible.

me: Did you know that L said she wanted to marry you?
M beaming harder.

me: Do you want to marry L?
M: No, I can't because I'm too little to get married.

me: What about when you are a grown up?
M: No, because I'm going to marry someone else?

me: Who?
M: Umma (mom)!

me : You can't marry me!
M (tearing & hugging me): Why not? But I want to.

me (tearing): Cause I'm going to be too old.
M: I don't want your face to change.

me: Your face is going to be different too! You're going to be a grown up!
M cracking up like crazy.

Then I was laughing out loud too.

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