Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 100 Days!

On June 3, 2011 at 2:10am, the newest member of our family arrived...and today he's 100 days old.

In Korea, back in the day, it was a big deal for a baby to live to his/her 100th day, so it's Korean tradition to celebrate the 100 day mark with family and friends. So we had a little Doo/Lee family get together at our place today. It was seriously so simple but still left me pretty tired after cleaning up.

It consisted of the following:
. handful of balloons from my stash, strung up on my kitchen wall
. Iann's sock monkey (which I think totally looks like him)
. uber basic printouts i made last night at some ridiculous hour...for the frame & cake
. cake from our local korean bakery, Paris Baguette
. Korean rice cake from Yedang (a little pricey but there's not another place that makes it decent in the area)
. and for our main course...chinese food from Petite Soo Chow! Best in the area, hands down.

When my mom first suggested Chinese, I thought it might be a bit ghetto but money's now tighter than ever and it's as non-Korean as Korean "adults" will eat so, why not? I've ordered the typical take out dishes from there before so I know I needed to dress it up. Petite Soo Chow is one of those places where you need to know what the natives order to get the good stuff so I googled it and found some reliable seeming foodie blogs with suggestions and narrowed it down from there. I also dressed it up by plating the food on all white platters & matching serveware and made sure to time the pick up just right so the food would still be warm for the guests. It all worked out great. Food was awesome, it didn't look cheap but rather very presentable and most importantly guests enjoyed it. To top it off, my brother was generous enough to pay for it. (Thanks Jason!)

In addition to the pork soup dumplings, we ordered the spring rolls (stuffed with a chinese green, scallions and ground pork), sauteed shanghai bokchoy and garlic, jumbo shrimp in ginger sauce, sliced beef with spicy sauce & shanghai-style chow mein noodles with beef. Next time, I'll have to try these dishes at the actual restaurant. It can only be better, yum.

I love to host small get togethers but its so difficult now with three little ones. Between prepping, setting up, getting the family ready, serving, greeting, feeding/nursing kids, watching kids, cleaning up...I didn't find time to get myself ready properly, eat properly, take many pictures and have any real conversations with anyone. And this was with some help from my mom, sister and Gunn. Wonder if you can hire people by the hour to work small parties, heh. But yeah, I don't like it. I guess I just have to be patient and wait until the kids are a little bit older to really host much of anything. Yet another patience lesson as a parent.

So, net net, I don't have too many pictures for you right now until I get some more from my brother in law. (Thanks Scott!)

Happy 100th Iann.
We thank God for you completing our perfect family.
Umma (mom), appa (dad), hyung (older brother), & noona (older sister) love you so freakin' much.

More pics to come.


  1. Very sweet. happy 100, little man. xoxo

  2. happy 100 day, iann! great job with the prep, mommy!

  3. Thanks mommies.

    @MPark - I actually didn't do much at all but the food was GOOD. I want you guys to try some of the dishes I got to see if you like! :)


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