Sunday, November 20, 2011

33 with 3, 3 and under

Yesterday, I turned 33.
Bah. It sounds SO OLD to me. In my head, I'm about 27 and it's still crazy to me that I have 3 children.

Random thoughts that come to mind about all this.

My new favorite number is three. And I've decided to call my kids Maxxellian or maybe just MEI when I need to call all 3 of them at once.

In general, we take turns and swap between looking after the older two and the baby. Ellie goes back and forth from being included in the "older kids" bucket to the "younger kids" bucket.

We're always counting down at bedtime...1 down, 2 to go...2 down, 1 to go...3 down...collapse.

I literally can't do it without any help. I'll take an extra hand (or finger!) anyday.

People say I don't seem as controlling of a mom as they thought I'd be. (That's a compliment, I think?) But I don't think I was really able to not control things until the 3rd. Up until the 2nd, I could still pretty much control how most things were done in my house. Not anymore.

I'm so tired that I walked into the wall while walking around rocking Iann to sleep. I never fell asleep while walking before.

Simplified meals...enough said.

You learn to do 3 things at the same time....yet I'm still not good at multi-tasking.

I get super excited at the chance of going out. Before it was a nice treat, now it's absolutely amazing.

I don't carry as many things with me anymore. I deal with less "stuff". ie. Not each kid gets a cup. We all share from a family water bottle. No more choice between 2-3 different snacks. Now I carry only 1 and if you don't want it, you can be hungry until the next meal.

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