Monday, September 20, 2010

2 Week Staycation

The nature of my hub's job requires him to take a 2 week vacation. So he gets to be home with the family for 2 weeks straight! I know, awesome, right?

He said he wanted to make sure we had good family time but also got a lot of our "errands" done. He made a consolidated list of everything & it's my job to plan & schedule our days so we can do as much as we can, without killing ourselves.

So here's what we have, in no particular order:

1. Mall with my MIL
2. Children's Museum of Manhattan
3. Apple/pumpking picking with my MIL & hub's brother's family
4. Bear Mountain with my MIL & maybe hub's bro's family (G loves this place.)
5. Get magic straight perm for my new post 2 kid afro
6. Ptouch label bins on shelves in garage
7. Buy cordless dustbuster (I have no idea how I survived this long without one.)
8. Buy night light? (M's been scared of the dark lately since his bedtime is dark now, with longer nights.)
9. Get smartphones (Wahoo! It would add SERIOUS efficiency to my days.)
10. Make some concerted effort to take family pictures, esp. of E since her 1st birthday is coming up.
11. Add pics to family album
12. Get flu shots
13. Reformat & reinstall my computer. It's been on the fritz.
14. Hang magnet boards by M's desk
15. Hang M's nameplate letters (Long overdue since we moved him and rearranged his room so many times.)
16. Lunch with friend for her birthday
17. Plan a party for another friend
18. Bake some sweets for a sick friend
19. Finalize all ideas for E's 1st birthday party
20. Finish guest list & send invitations for E's party
21. Make dohl go-eems for E's party
22. Pick up kiddie placemats from BuyBuyBaby
23. Update recipe book
24. Dry cleaning
25. Clean house - major items such as kitchen & bathrooms
26. Organize kids clothes
27. Old Navy returns/exchanges
28. Walmart
29. Hmart with my MIL
30. Costco with my MIL
31. Make kimchee with my MIL
32. Cook at least 2 new meals for the family. You know, not the usual.
33. Cook at least 5 new foods for E
34. Bake something for my MIL
35. Make dinner for my MIL at least 5 times. So far I'm thinking dwenjang jigae & fish, dakdoritang, linguine with white clam sauce...need more ideas. Can't go too crazy. Don't have time and she's got a typical Korean palette. Anyone??
36. Try on (buy?) a pair of Gap's skinny cords. I hear they're SUPER flattering. Check 'em out!
I definitely won't look like that in them, but I wouldn't mind if I could look half as good...after I get them hemed a good few inches. ha~!

Anyways, I'm aiming to have at least 30 of these done! Am I being naive??
I love lists. They make me happy. They make everything doable, or at least reduces the stress factor. :)

How many do you think I'll be able to get done in the 2 weeks?

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  1. wowsers! you got your work cut out for you. seems like you'll be busier with gunn being home but yes, definitely satisfying to cross things off your list, i'm sure! good luck! thanks again for the giftie. super cute. perfect for fall and into winter! def will last through the seasons.


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